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Dog-behavior illustrator (and Boston Terrier lover)Lili Chin produced this wonderful explanation of her dog's body language.


Colsubsidio worked with Lowe/SSP3, an ad agency in Bogota, Columbia to come up with these clever advertisements that will make you do a double-take. The Colsubsidio Book Exchange campaign is simple and direct. It features papercraft silhouettes of iconic storybook characters. Each poster is a brilliant mash-up of two stories: Snow White/Sherlock, Harry Potter/Troy, Little Red Riding Hood/Moby Dick Although these simple cutouts do not necessarily elaborate on the print ad’s tag line, “Come with a story and leave with another,” it does show what literary treasures people can potentially walk away with.

Little Red Riding Hood and Moby Dick

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How do you capture the magic of Disney's animated features without using any Disney illustrations? Liverpool-based graphic designer and artist Rowan Stocks-Moore has rendered Disney films the minimalist feel with his latest series of posters.

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The Apple iPhone is one of the top selling gadgets circulating today, and this little device is a perfect example of the short lifecycle so many of today’s gadgets go through. The mining process for the materials needed is the controversial and often bloody first step in the long road your iPhone travels, and that’s just the beginning. From there, the iPhone materials are mass-produced in overseas factories and then distributed in quantities of growing abundance.

Created by MBAonline.com

Dutch illustration duo LouLou & Tummie creating illustration especially vector illustrations of maps.


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So close to our heart, … old books should not be thrown away! Donate them.

This beautiful print advertising comes from Brazil and was done by Paz Comunicacao Estrategica, advertising agency from São Paulo for product: So Acao Solidarity movement (brand: So Acao Solidarity movement) in Brazil.Ad campaign depicts the sad state these discarded books could potentially suffer through the imagined homelessness of Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and the Three Little Pigs.

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Pinterest, an online ‘coarkboard’ for photos, has quickly become one of the fastest growing social networking sites.

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French blogger Christophe Courtois put together several telling montages of similar movie posters which perfectly illustrate how everyone copies everyone.

A Loner Viewed From Behind


Back To Back, Viewed From the Side


The Between-the-Legs Shot


In Bed


Big Eye




Black & White Action Movie Posters


Running In the Street, At a Tilt And Tinted Blue


Building a Face Out of Other Objects


Justice Is Blind


Big Block Font Right Over the Face


Big Heads over Tiny People on a Beach


Lady In Red


Mads Peitersen is a multimedia artist in Denmar has created a series of illustrations feature popular electronics such as the iPhone and a game controller, dissected to reveal human-like body parts such as bones and livers.

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Lego is a range of construction toys first created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in the 1940s in Denmark. On the internet University has designed an infographic titled ‘The Learning Power of LEGO’ that traces the historical past of LEGO and how the constructing blocks support in a child’s improvement.

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Travel Posters for Lazy People is a series of humorous digital posters created by illustrator H. Caldwell Turner for CollegeHumor.


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UK-based designer Stephen Wildish has created two new posters titled ‘Sci-Fi Film Alphabet’ and ‘Horror Film Alphabet’, Test your knowledge.