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When you hear ‘cops’ what do you think of? Probably not puppies, ice cream and other funny things. Iceland seems like a really lovely place and the official Instagram account of the Reykjavík metropolitan police is doing nothing to dispel this impression.  Today we've very special collection to show you some crazy photos of puppies and kittens of Reykjavík Police Department on their Instagram account. The account, which has more than 21,000 followers, has been active since 2012. These photographs showing their all day activities. we hope that these photos will surely entertain all of you. check out!

police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland2 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland8 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland7 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland6 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland5 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland3 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland9 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland10 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland11 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland12 police-instagram-logreglan-reykjavik-iceland13