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The first intelligent bike lock on the market. San Francisco startup Velo Labs is launching the project called Skylock, to build the most secured and user-friendly bike lock to save your best-loved bike(s).

The ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers designed a super strong hardened steel U-lock with all of the technology today. Built-in WI-FI and Bluetooth smart connectivity, Triaxial accelerometer, Rechargeable LiFePO4 battery, Solar panel, TLS/SSL for WIFI and AES128 encryption for BTLE and many more high-tech features.       

The first intelligent Bike U-lock Skylock

Have you ever seen someone walking to their car and push a button on their key ring to unlock the doors? You can do this with the Skylock app and your mobile phone. Moreover, with Auto-Unlock function, Skylock senses your approach and automatically unlocks for you, without having to reach for your phone. 

The Theft Alert System and the Crash Detection features based on the Skylock’s built-in triaxial accelerometer sensor. If someone starts messing with your bike, the built-in sensor will detect it and you will be notified via push-messages on your phone. The Crash Detection feature can gives you an opportunity to notify your loved ones of potential accidents while you ride your bike.

Unlock and check your bike with Skylock app

In addition the Bike sharing can leap into a new era with Skylock. The Skylock bike U-lock has all of the features to be a perfect tool to build up your citibike or bike ’airbnb’ network. Skylock lets you share the location and access to your bike with anyone in your trusted network.

The integrated and fully-charged LiFePO4 battery gives you one month of intensive usage and with the solar-panel, you virtually never run-out of power.  


Skylock is robust. It has been designed to military standards. The total weight will be only 2.5lbs (1.13 kg) but be able to withstand 7000 lbs (3.5 tons) of shear force and 10,000 lbs (4.5 tons) of tensile load. So the mechanical build of the skylock can easily compete with other high-end commercial bike U-locks from Kryptonite or Abus. 

What about the price tag? They are taking preorders at $159. It will retail at $249. The expected release date is early 2015. 

More info about Skylock on: http://www.skylock.cc

More pictures about Skylock bike lock

numerous built-in technology into a bike U-lock

the new generation of the bike locks - skylock

skylock push-up notifications to your phones

skylock preorder just $159 , coming at early 2015